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Ruth 4:1-22

This Sunday, we come to the final chapter in the book of Ruth along with our final study in this series of studies through Ruth.
In chapter 4, we are given the account leading up to the marriage between Boaz & Ruth, along with the blessing that followed. Boaz did not have first right to buy back Elimelech’s estate, which included Ruth’s hand in marriage, until the nearer kinsman had a chance to accept/reject the opportunity. However, the nearer kinsman did not view this opportunity as a good business deal, fearing that it would somehow ruin his inheritance. Boaz on the other hand, takes Ruth’s hand in marriage and makes her part of his inheritance, which leads to her becoming part of the direct family line to King David, and eventually Jesus Himself.
In this chapter, we see so many parallels between Boaz and Christ. Christ came as a man in order to become our close kinsman. Then similar to Boaz, Christ was willing to pay the required price in order to make us part of His inheritance, claiming us (the church) as His bride. The price paid to redeem us could be viewed as a “bad business deal” from Christ’s point of view, given that we had nothing of worth to bring to the table - but Christ paid it anyhow being motivated by love for us. The book began with a funeral and it ends with a wedding! So too is the Christian life.

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