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Ruth 3:1-18

As we come to chapter 3 in our study of the book of Ruth, we see this beautiful story of redemption unfolding even further, as Boaz consents to being Ruth's "Kinsman Redeemer".
Ruth is vulnerable, but as she places her trust in God, and in the godly counsel of her mother-in-law, God directs her paths into peace and safety. Boaz is not only able, but also willing to redeem Ruth, and grant her provision and protection. In this chapter we learn much about what it means to trust God and submit to God, even in our vulnerability. We see in the life of Ruth, a great example of how we can respond to our Redeemer, and how He is not just able, but willing to bless us in so many ways when we do. Discuss with your family this week ways in which God has provided and protected you in the past, and encourage one another knowing that as we trust Him, He will continue to do so in the future.

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