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Ruth 1:1-22

Having come to the end of our series of studies through 2 Timothy, we are starting a new book study today, which happens to be the book of Ruth. 

The events of Ruth took place in a time called “The Judges” - a very dark time in Israel’s history, where “everyone did what was right in their own eyes” (Judges 21:25), & were reaping the consequences of their continued disobedience to God. Yet in the midst of a time period where Israel was a divided & defeated nation, we are given a very beautiful love story of redemption. 

In these 4 short chapters of Ruth, we are given a story of a Gentile woman who was seen as being outside of the fold of God’s blessing, who was spiritually impoverished & who was despised by God’s people. Yet, following the death of her husband, she chose to place her trust in the true & the living God - as God sovereignty guided each one of her steps, to be married to another who was far greater. The book of Ruth is significant in a redemptive sense, because it gives us a picture of Christ’s relationship to the church - showing us that no person is so far outside the reach of God’s grace that they cannot be saved. As we’ll see in this 1st chapter, Ruth had everything going against her, but the Lord reached out and saved her.

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