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2 Timothy 4:6-22

As we come to our last message in 2 Timothy, we see the climax of Paul's personal and heart-felt instruction to Timothy to persevere in the things of the Lord. Paul at this point was at the end of his earthly life, and these verses are the last recorded words we have of this great servant of God. 

Our theme through the book of 2 Timothy has been perseverance. In these final words from Paul, Timothy is encouraged by Paul's example of persevering until the end. That is possible for the believer because God is always with us, and promises to help us finish well if we trust in Him. This inspiring text presents us with 4 difficult truths that we need to accept, and 5 glorious truths that we need to embrace. In doing so, by God's grace, we too can persevere until the end.

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