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1 Timothy 4:6-11

As we work our way through the study of 1 Timothy, a great deal of the content revolves around spiritual leadership. Though much of the book is very applicable to all believers, there is no doubt an emphasis upon those called to lead in the local church. In 1 Timothy 4:6-16, Paul teaches on many things that are essential for any spiritual leader to heed, and apply to his life and ministry. 

Today we will look at 1 Timothy 4:6-11, and cover the first 7 characteristics. Why not try and make the time to read through these verses, and list as many characteristics as you can see within the passage. This is always a very profitable exercise as it helps us to dig into the text for ourselves, and often in doing so we find gems of truth and insight that may not always be covered in the sermon. The simplest way to take this approach, is to ask first what is happening in the text (observation), then ask what is it means (interpretation), and finally ask how this applies to a person’s life (application). Be blessed as you study!

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