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1 John 3:11-23

As we continue in chapter 3 of 1 John, we again find ourselves dealing with the subject of “love”. Our temptation at this point could be to tune out, thinking that we have already covered love in previous chapters. Well guess what—there is more love to come in later chapters of 1 John too so God obviously wants us to be well versed in our concept and practice of Biblical Love!!! The Scriptures are God-breathed, and nothing is there by mistake, or by man’s design. Therefore, ALL Scripture is necessary for us, no matter how it is structured, and when we accept that, we open our hearts to rich treasures from God’s Word. We cannot separate genuine belief in God, from sincere love of others. Looking back to the true story of Cain and Abel, we are reminded that hatred can lead to even murder when left untreated. Love is paramount for the Christian, and in these verses of chapter 3 John again gives us an opportunity to evaluate the condition of our hearts in regard to love, and to realign our practice with His Word.

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