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2 Corinthians 10:1-6

Chapter 10 begins the final section of Paul’s letter of 2 Corinthians, where he concludes by defending his apostolic authority & credentials.  This portion of his letter (chapters 10-13) is really directed to the rebellious minority within the Corinthian church.  In chapter 10, Paul wants them to understand that his meekness among them in no way diminished his authority as an apostle.  In this coming week’s passage (verses 1-6), Paul begins by answering one of the charges that his accusers were accusing him of - that Paul walked according to the flesh in terms of the way that he conducted his ministry - that he used carnal, worldly methods of men, rather than a spiritual methods from God.  As Paul speaks to this accusation (v1-2), he answers by explaining the nature of his weapons of warfare (v3-4), along with what those weapons accomplish (v4-6).  This passage gives us as believers a very rich picture of what Christian living should look like in terms of the spiritual battle that we are all in.  In the week ahead, discuss with your family the difference between spiritual weapons & physical weapons.



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