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2 Corinthians 7:2-16

Paul begins this weeks passage by pleading with the Corinthians to demonstrate openness towards him, just as he did at the beginning of last weeks passage, chapter 6 verse 11. Except this time he’s not pleading his case on the grounds of reciprocation of his own openness, but on the grounds that he’s proven himself to be trustworthy through the evidence of his ministry and deserving of their loyalty.  Paul is doing all he can to bring back to health a church he founded and cares deeply for, that is divided and spiritually sick. Even though the majority of the Corinthian Christians have rejected the false teaching that has crept in so soon after Paul founded the church and turned back to the Gospel, he wants them to understand the need for unity in the body for the health of the body. So as to avoid a repeat of what has just happened - Paul writing a severe letter to correct and rebuke them, so severe that he, for a short time, wished he hadn’t even sent it! (vs8).  But by Gods grace, despite the intense tribulation he was enduring, Paul is now comforted because of their Godly sorrow and obedience that led to genuine repentance.

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