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Mark 7:31-37

In this week’s passage, we come to the account of when Jesus heals a man who is both deaf and mute. When we contrast this with Isaiah 35, where we are given a prophetic glimpse of what Christ’s future kingdom will be like, it’s clear to see that this account in Mark is a foretaste of what will be fulfilled completely when Christ returns. What we will see firstly, is The Impediment Of The Mute (v31-32), where his friends beg Jesus to heal him. This is followed by The Intimacy Of The Master (v33-35), where Jesus responds personally to the affliction of the deaf and mute man. And finally, we will see The Impact On The Masses (v33-37), as they cannot keep silent having witnessed the healing work of Jesus. As we consider this miraculous account, it should stir both excitement and expectation of what it will be like to be part of Christ’s Kingdom when He returns again.

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