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Mark 5:1-20

In this week’s passage, one of the things which is made evident is that the environment in which Christ’s mission takes place is never neutral to the message of the Gospel. There are other powers at work that are contrary to the mission of Christ, but which Christ is able to overcome.

In this study, we will be identifying the conflicting powers in Christ’s mission:

  1. The Destructive Power Of Demons (Mark 5:1-7),
  2. The Delivering Power Of Deity (Mark 5:8-16), and
  3. The Damning Power Of Depravity (Mark 5:17-20).

And what we find is that it’s not that much different for us today. As we pursue the mission that Christ has for us, we need to understand that there is a spiritual battle which is taking place for the souls of men & woman. The better we understand the nature of the battle, the better we will be able to respond as/when we run into these conflicting powers.

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