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Mark 3:20-35

Having just selected the twelve disciples, we see that Jesus continues on with a busy ministry schedule, which is nothing new compared to what we’ve already seen. Ministry is so busy that Jesus and His disciples barely have a chance to eat (Mark 3:20), while the religious leaders continue to challenge Jesus (Mark 3:22-30), and to top it all off, the family of Jesus want to catch up with Him also (Mark 3:31-35). Well, amongst the busyness, what we are given in this week’s passage is three very different responses to the mission of Christ. There was always consistency in Christ’s message, but not so in the responses to His message.

In this week’s passage, we will see firstly,

  1. The Assumption Of Jesus’ Family (Mark 3:20-21);
  2. The Accusation Of Jesus’ Foes (v22-30);
  3. The Acknowledgement of Jesus’ Followers (Mark 3:31-35).

Three similar responses that we will encounter today as we pursue the mission that Christ has for us. 

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