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Mark 3:13-19

In the passage this coming week, we are given the account of when Jesus selects and appoints twelve disciples. Previously, we have seen that Jesus had already called Simon, Andrew, James & John (Mark 1:16-20), along with Levi the tax collector (Mark 2:13-14). In these previous passages, Jesus gives to these men a preview of what was to come. But in this week’s passage, more explicit detail is given as to what their mission would be, along with selecting seven others who would be co-labouring with them. In the first part of the study, we will be working through the following passage outline:

  1. Those who come to Christ are those who He has chosen to call (Mark 3:13)
  2. Those who Christ calls, He appoints to His mission (Mark 3:14)
  3. Those who Christ appoints to His mission, He empowers so that they can fulfill His mission (Mark 3:14-15).

Then, in the second part of the study, we will be doing a biographical overview for each of the men who Jesus appointed.

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