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Mark 2:18-22

Leading up to this week’s passage, Jesus had just called Levi to follow Him. The calling of Christ was a cause for celebration, not only for Levi, but also for all the tax collectors and sinners who gathered as well - those who were spiritually sick, in need of the Great Physician. But instead of joining the banquet celebration, the religious community was more concerned about why their man-made rituals weren’t being adhered to, missing the joyous fact that sinners were being brought into the fold of God’s grace. What the religious leaders were missing, was that the mission of Christ was completely distinct from their system of works-righteousness. At a time when they should have been rejoicing, they were mourning, pointing to how out of touch they were with God’s plan of Salvation.

In this study, we will see

  1. A critical accusation (Mark 2:18).
  2. A corrective answer.
  3. Some clarifying analogies (Mark 2:21-22).

May this study encourage us to both embrace and embark on “The Distinct Mission Of Christ”.

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