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Malachi 1-2

Today, we will be starting a 2-part study in the book of Malachi as we approach the end of our series through the Minor Prophets.

Malachi is one of the three prophecies given by God after Israel’s return to Jerusalem following their 70 year captivity in Babylon. What’s interesting about the book of Malachi is that this is final time that God spoke in Old Testament times. The next time He would speak would be through John the Baptist as he prepared the way for the Lord Jesus. In between these two times, there would be 400 years of silence, where God would not speak through a prophet to the people.

At the time of Malachi’s prophecy, the temple had been rebuilt, but unfortunately, this had not resulted in a change of heart. Malachi firstly deals with the pollution of the nation through a series of questions and answers, exposing their problems of corrupt priests, mixed marriages, divorce, false worship, and arrogance - all with their false sense of security in their privileged relationship with God. Following the message of the pollution of the nation, Malachi’s prophecy then finishes with the promise to the nation, looking ahead to the coming of Christ.

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