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Mark 6:7-13

As we continue with our study through the Gospel of Mark this coming Sunday, we come to the account where Jesus sends out His disciples with the message and the mission that He has given to them.  What’s remarkable about this, is that it had only literally been months since Jesus had first called them (Mark 3:13-19), yet part of their training was not only theological knowledge, but also practical, on-the-job experience.  As we look very carefully at these seven verses, what we see is what it means to be sent out on Christ’s mission.  We’re going to see that Jesus sends out believers to proclaim salvation (v7), manifest compassion (v7), live dependently (v8-9), demonstrate contentment (v10), exercise discernment (v11), and respond in obedience (v12-13).  As you read through this passage, ask God to show you how each of these areas applies to you personally.

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