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Mark 5:21-43

In this week’s passage, we are given yet another glimpse into the unending demands and needs of those who flocked to Jesus. The word “multitudes” is used several times to describe the number of people who seemed to be constantly surrounding Jesus. The undeniable observation is that Christ’s mission was most certainly demanding. In fact, whenever people are involved, we can expect for there to be great demands. The natural response in such environments is to withdraw, to become overwhelmed, to become self-focused, and in doing so, miss the very real needs of those right in front of us. However, we see something different in the life of Jesus. In this week’s passage, we’re going to see that in the crowd, Jesus was accessible (Mark 5:21-24); in the commotion, Jesus was interruptible (Mark 5:25-34); in the crisis, Jesus was unshakable (Mark 5:35-40); and in the cure, Jesus was charitable (Mark 5:41-43).

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