Church Life

“Church Life” is a phrase that we use to speak of the time throughout the week, in between our Sunday Gatherings.

Our aim is to simplify what we do, to allow for the core essentials of Church and family life to be prioritised and to be worked out effectively.

The reality of life is that once Christian individuals & families have taken care of the bare essentials (e.g. work, education, family logistics, sleep, personal care), there is actually a very limited amount of time which remains for other activity.

What we often see among Christians is that their lives are stretched with much activity (which for the most part are “good things”) – but these good things, so often take the place of the important things.

And often times, church fellowships don’t help with this problem, because they measure effectiveness by their outward activity & busyness. So as the church creates more and more programmes and events, there becomes a bigger push for people to attend & be involved with what’s being organised. The end result is that “the good” takes the place of “the important”.

But we want to reassure you that here at Redemption, we’re not going to do that – our aim is to simplify things, so that the important things can be emphasised & worked out in our lives.

And sticking to the core essentials of Church & family life will not only fill most of a person’s limited amount of time, it will also result in a very full & fruitful life.

There are four of the core essentials that we encourage our fellowship to prioritise and incorporate into their lives in between Sunday gatherings:




Are there other activities through the church outside of these core essentials?

Yes, there is much activity (e.g. “dads n lads”, ladies fellowship nights, mums & children’s group get-togethers etc), but this sort of activity happens naturally & organically, being initiated and organised by members in the fellowship, rather than being something organised by the leadership of the church. The member’s email group is a really handy means by which this can easily happen.

And in addition to this, there are other events & one-off workshops that we facilitate to encourage our fellowship in key areas of Christian living.