The History of Redemption Church, Christchurch

On the 23 May 2002, Kris & Becky Baines began a home bible study in Riccarton Christchurch. As the fellowship grew in numbers, Kris completed the necessary requirements to “opt in” to affiliation with the Calvary Chapel churches movement (prior to moving to Christchurch, Kris had served as youth pastor/worship leader at Calvary Chapel Auckland).

In 2004, Jason and Claret Winslade moved to Christchurch as new Christians, and became part of the fellowship. During that time Jason & Claret were discipled within the fellowship, and on 24 May 2009, Jason Winslade was ordained as a Calvary Chapel Pastor and took more of a lead role in the pastoral/teaching oversight of CCC.

Kris still remained in leadership as an elder at the church, but focused much of his time in leadership development of the men in the church, and also in cross-denominational ministry to men through conferences, and teaching opportunities at other churches.

Over the following years, Kris and Jason continued to work alongside one another, and became more convicted to adopt an elder-led leadership style.

Our desire as a church was to keep praying, “Lord, please make us the church You want us to be, for such a time as this” – something that was very much the heart and vision of Calvary Chapel’s founder, Chuck Smith.

Some of the changes that took place over the years, that the leadership felt led by the Holy Spirit to make, were as follows: A move to age-integrated services, allowing both young and old to worship and study God’s Word together, a focus on discipling fathers to be the leaders of their homes, an elder-led leadership structure not so dependent upon one man, and a commitment to the restoration of Biblical manhood, womanhood, and family life.

Towards the end of 2013, Jason and Kris began a teaching series titled “Calibrate”. This series was given to bring clarity to the vision and direction our church had grown towards, particularly during the previous 7-8 years. It was also designed to give a strong Biblical foundation for our core values as a fellowship. The series of 10 teachings can be found here.

During the teaching of this series, Jason and Kris felt the Lord wanted the church to have more of a unique identity, that made a distinction between our church’s methodology, and core values, and that of other Calvary Chapels in general. This had been considered in the past, but seemed like the right time. So the decision was made to “opt out” of affiliation with the Calvary Chapel movement, so as not to cause any unnecessary confusion or division because of the convictions we held. The primary reasons for this, was our emphasis on age-integrated discipleship, and elder-led church government.

On Sunday 16 February the church was notified of this change, along with the introduction of a church membership. Our disaffiliation with Calvary Chapel was a choice on the part of the leadership of Redemption Church (formerly Calvary Chapel Christchurch), and was done in a loving, respectful way on both sides. Jason and Kris remain in good standing with their brothers in the Calvary Chapel movement worldwide, and these minor differences are no restriction in fellowship. Please click here to read the letter from the Calvary Chapel Association detailing this.

A small group of people who desired to continue as part of the Calvary Chapel movement, chose to leave our fellowship and meet together. They have since established a new church and use the name “Calvary Chapel Christchurch”, although this is a new church plant, distinct from our existing church which has been meeting together since 2002.

We give these explanations as we feel it is important to demonstrate love, and exercise Biblical communication, even in our differences. Redemption Church is also affiliated with the Family Integrated Churches website, a directory of churches from various denominations, all practicing an age-integrated approach to discipleship. Please view our statement of faith and contact us if you have any questions or if we can assist you in anyway.

In His love,

Jason Winslade – Pastor/Elder

Kris Baines – Pastor/Elder

Redemption Church