Family Integration

If you have ever walked into one of our Sunday gatherings, perhaps one of the first things that struck you is the fact that there were so many babies and small children who were sitting with their families.

At Redemption Church, we have grown accustomed to the presence of children in our church gatherings, and the children have grown accustomed to being a part of the worship experience alongside adults.

The reason that no one will stop a family at the door to show them the Sunday School or Youth Group is because these ministries do not exist in our fellowship.

In case you’re wondering, it’s not by chance that these ministries don’t exist, but it is an intentional decision we made for the direction of this fellowship a number of years ago.

Here at Redemption Church, we are family-integrated where individuals, families and all ages gather together for times of worship, discipleship, fellowship, service & evangelism.

We realise that the idea of family-integration is probably quite foreign to the thoughts of most Christians today, along with most churches for that matter.

It is for this reason, we have compiled the information on the righthand side of this page, for the purpose of helping you understand the thinking behind family-integration along with why we believe this is the correct direction for our fellowship to be heading.

Although we expect that this information will answer a number of questions, we anticipate that you may have further questions which the pastor-elders of our fellowship are happy to talk with you about.

For further information on this topic, you are welcome to listen to an audio teaching titled:

“The Disciple-Making Ministry of the Church and the Home"

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